XLS - Obsidian Paintball Products V3 Deuce Trigger
Emerald Green
Moonstone Grey
Obsidian Black
Ruby Red
Pyrite Gold
Sapphire Blue
XLS with minimized gap between trigger and frame to prevent paint from entering the frame
Sapphire Blue - Trigger Screw Locations
Sapphire Blue - premium oval and flat point set screws
Shocker Deuce V3

Shocker Deuce V3

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V3 introduces several new and improved features:

- 4 points of adjustment now all easily accessible from the front of the trigger (the only Shocker trigger that offers this feature)

- all aluminum design provides several anodized color options

- lightly rounded edges while maintaining the smooth flat face

- improved adjustment range yet again from V2 which was already the most adjustable Shocker trigger available

- Includes dual ball bearings of the highest quality for smooth motion

- Includes premium set screws featuring 2 oval point set screws and 2 flat-faced set screws.(This allows for the smoothest interface between the set screw and the micro-switch and limiting adjustments that don't scratch or damage your internal frame like the stock screws and many aftermarket trigger screws include. Highly magnetic alloy steel screw for the magnetic tension and stainless steel for the adjustment screws.)

- Significantly reduced gap between the bottom edge of the trigger and the frame helps prevent paint and debris from entering the frame


This trigger is proudly designed, machined, anodized, packaged, and sold in the USA out of the Obsidian Paintball Products shop.